Carl Nikolov (Piano - Classical Guitar - Trumpet)

B.Mus.(McMaster), B.Ed.(University of British Columbia), Dip.Music Performance

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Owner and operator of Mobile Music Lessons, Carl graduated from McMaster University summa cum laude with both an Honours Bachelor of Music Degree and a Diploma in Music Perfomance.

In 2007, Carl volunteered at T.A. Blakelock Secondary School helping students with music theory and wrote arrangements for concert band. Inspired by this new teaching experience he traveled to Vancouver to study at The University of British Columbia and graduated with a Bachelor of Education. Since then he has classroom experience from teaching in West Vancouver (Grades 7 to 12), and as a secondary school teacher in the arts community of Stratford, Ontario.

He has taught a variety of music classes in different genres (Classical Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Vocal Ensemble) and is qualified to teach special needs children within Ontario schools. He has a special interest in teaching musically gifted children, Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder, and children with Asperger Syndrome.

In his spare time he composes arrangements for his students. He has developed an interest in learning different instruments,particularly the trumpet (RCM Grade 6 certificate), violin (RCM Grade 2 certificate), clarinet, and currently classic guitar.

Steve Kirstein (Guitar)

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Steve studied Audio Engineering and Production in Toronto at Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production and has over ten years experience as a guitarist. He started his career in Knysna, South Africa, recording and playing on albums for top South African artists such as Wendy Oldfield. Since his return to Canada, he has become the chief sound engineer at River 16, a Oakville based commercial recording studio.

Steve has been teaching guitar to beginners and intermediate students as far back as his high school years. His teaching approach is both visual and auditory. He frequently asks students to sing or hum along, and to become a part of the musical piece at hand. This helps the student develop a feel for the music and encourages the student to perform music without relying on tablature or notation exclusively.

Matthew Robertson (Voice - Violin - Piano)

BA (Laurier)

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Matthew Robertson has been studying music since childhood, beginning on the violin and later piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. His interest in singing led him to Wilfrid Laurier's Vocal Music Program where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, specializing in music and film studies.

A classically trained bass-baritone, Matthew has since returned his focus to teaching and performing. He has performed at various concerts and recitals, including as a guest soloist with the Burlington Welsh Choir, the Civil Servants Choir, and the Momentum Dance Toronto's annual fundraiser Christmas cabaret.

Matthew's goal is to develop young talent so it can flourish.

John Kirstein (Piano - Accordion)

BA(McMaster), M.Th. (University of Toronto)

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John Kirstein hails from South Africa, where he completed the University of South Africa's ten grades of music in performance, harmony, counterpoint, and history. Although he enjoys much of the great music of the Western Classical canon, he has played in various bands and accompaniment contexts where he improvised with other musicians in various styles (gospel, blues and jazz).

Part of his philosophy is to realize the inherent musicality of each student with a traditional emphasis on reading music and conceptual mastery. When asked about his approach John states: "It's very important for me to provide a joyful experience of music from the very beginning, and develop ways to ease the frustration that beginning students often have." He continues to teach and make music in the Oakville area, serving as arranger and director at various Contemporary Christian services.