About Us

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Put your music education first with Mobile Music Lessons the premier alternative music school! Mobile Music has been serving Oakville, ON since 2010; We specialize in providing the highest quality and most convenient music education in Oakville, on site! Save time and learn a musical instrument in the comfort of your home.

What Makes Us Unique?

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At Mobile Music Lessons, your educational experience is our number one priority. This means we provide incredible attention to detail that is never diverted or compromised in order to sell products such as guitars or amplifiers, which is typical in a traditional studio environment in order to help cover the lease or simply to maximize profits.

Quality of Instructors

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All of our instructors have a very thorough background in education and have many years of teaching experience. Our instructors are highly qualified professionals whose livelihood revolves around teaching, composing, arranging and in general... simply making music! Every teacher at Mobile Music Lessons is passionate about music and just as passionate about transferring that love of knowledge to our students. Student achievement is our number one focus, therefore we seek out instructors who are committed to this vision.

Online Learning Spaces

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The renowed Canadian professor and cognitive researcher Brent Davis has noted that "We are smarter collectively than we are individually." Have you ever played a trivia game as a team? If you have, you would conclude that each player brings a different level of knowledge based on his or her experiences. When this happens we are able to pool our ideas together and stand a better chance of having the correct answers. What if we made music education this way? A collective process where students can get together, collaborate and share ideas?

At Mobile Music Lessons we provide a free online learning space to promote this sharing of ideas. Mobile Music Class is a place where students can find video lessons online, listen to recorded audio files, and do much more, all to enhance the learning experience and promote their accomplishments.