Getting Started

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All Lessons are individual lessons and are either a half-hour or an hour in duration. There is no one-time registration fee, nor are there semesters and as such you are not locked into paying a large lump sum. Simply start your lessons and pay on a month-to-month basis. Inquire for rates.

Instructional Methods

Instructional methods vary depending on the age of the student:


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Children from four to five years old are taught the black key method. Students six years old or above learn using the Middle C method with an emphasis on traditional folk melodies. After a successful evaluation students switch to familiar method books and progress towards studying the Royal Conservatory Method, which is a internationally recognized curriculum.


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Guitar is an instrument where most beginner students can become easily overwhelmed due to the the visual similarity between the strings. Because of this problem, our students are taught to visualize the guitar in terms of small 'boxes' to help compartmentalize the overall shapes of chords. We start with a chord approach which utilizes only the first three strings on the instrument. We also focus on melodies which help the students learn scales from a kinesthetic, song-based approach. 

Online Classroom

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Mobile Music Lessons is the first music school in Oakville that, since the introduction of the first generation iPad in 2010 provides a free online classroom to all students that study with us. Watch video lessons, listen to audio files and download royalty free sheet music directly from our website. Each student studying with us gets his or her own login! The online classroom is also essential to parents who might want to see how a particular song is supposed to be taught.

Recorded Lessons

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All lessons with Mobile Music Lessons are recorded with professional grade audio recorders that each teacher brings with him to every lesson. This ensures that the student is ready to "perform" for the teacher. It also provides immediate unbiased feedback and as such helps parents keep track of their child's progress. These sound files are then uploaded to the online classroom. The student simply logs in to Mobile Music Class and listens to his/her performances. From these sound files we can mix down all student performances and produce a CD. This gives students an awareness of their achievements; it's also fun to share your musical performances with your friends and family.

Custom Coursewear

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Sometimes you want to learn a song and cannot find the music or if you find it, you do not have the technique to play it. At Mobile Music Lessons we construct custom lesson plans that break down every detail of the song you would like to learn using advanced notation software. After we create this lesson, we export the audio so you can listen to how the song should be played as you are learning it. This is unique to our school, free of charge.

Emphasis on Multiple Intelligences

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All people learn differently. This is not by accident. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses that factor into how we learn. Mobile Music Lessons adapts the instructional style to each student based on Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. For example, if a student learns better visually she would benefit from viewing instructional videos on Mobile Music Class. Likewise, some students are better auditory learners; and can download sound files of our teachers discussing how to perform their pieces.